Kids Club Kids | Spearfish, South Dakota

Kid’s Club Kids is a state licensed OST (out of school time) program, committed to providing a quality before and after school program for children in grades kindergarten through sixth. Age appropriate activities designed to increase children’s self-esteem, individual interests and community involvement will be provided along with fun and educational activities, both structured and free-choice. Qualified staff persons are employed to insure each child’s needs are met. Parents are encouraged to become involved with Kid’s Club when and where ever possible.


Registration forms must be completed and returned before your child can attend Kid’s Club Kids.
Enrollment is limited and the first to complete forms and submit fees will be first in the program.

  1. There is an annual $25 non-refundable registration fee. To be enrolled in the summer program, a deposit of the first week’s fee is required. These fees are non-refundable.
  2. Enrollment at each site is limited. When an opening does occur, the director or site coordinator will contact the next applicant. Registration will be ongoing as space is available.
  3. Read this handbook carefully. You are responsible for the information contained in it. Please contact Kid’s Club Kids if you have any questions.
  4. It is the responsibility of the parents to keep the Director up-to-date on all information pertaining to their child(ren). (Phone numbers, health information, emergency contacts as well as schedule changes.) We need to have a contact number where someone can be reached within fifteen minutes.
  5. If there is legal documentation pertinent to your child’s safety, a copy must be on file at KCK for us to uphold the rulings. Should you need to meet with the director to deliver and discuss this contact 605-641-1298 or (605) 717-1236.
  6. If a child struggles to meet the expectations of the KCK program, the adult/child ratios and alters the programing of KCK a meeting with the family will be held to discuss continued participation in the program. Kids Club Kids may not be the best fit for every child and we want the child to experience success.
  7. It is the parent’s responsibility to contact Kid’s Club Kids if their child will NOT be attending as scheduled. This is a courtesy to us and saves us calling the schools, bus department and parent’s place of employment searching for a missing child who has in fact been picked up by a parent. We must respond quickly when a child doesn’t arrive at the center and we appreciate your contacting us in advance. Please leave a message on the machine if staff has not arrived yet. The school office does not let KCK know if your child is absent. EVERYTIME KCKSTAFF MUST CALL LOOKING FOR A CHILD THERE WILL BE A $2 CHARGE ADDED TO THE FAMILY’S ACCOUNT, WITH NO LIMIT TO THE NUMBER OF FEES. SCHEDULES MUST BE UP TO DATE AND KCK MUST BE INFORMED OF CHANGES!


  1. All information on the registration form is confidential and will not be shared with other families.
  2. All records will be retained for 7 years on each student.


The KCK director and staff are mandated by SDCL 26-10-10 to report any suspected incident involving child abuse or neglect to the South Dakota Department of Social Services.


  1. Parents or authorized persons must sign every child out of the program each day using the computer tracking system using the biometric scanner or the PIN number given to them.
  2. If a person other than a designated pick-up, biometric or PIN # holder, they will be required to sign out the children on a paper check out sheet.
  3. Children WILL NOT be released to persons not listed on the enrollment form without written authorization, signed and dated by the parent. Don’t be offended if we call for verification; we are concerned for your child’s wellbeing.
  4. Children will only be allowed to walk home with written permission at the time the parent designates. Kid’s Club will not be responsible for children after they leave the program.


  1. School year fees will be determined by the number of hours your children spend at Kid’s Club Kids each month, at the rate of $3.00 per hour, snacks included. Bills are recorded and emailed on the last day of the month. Families without email access will have access to their balance on the Procare computer.
  2. All fees are due by the tenth of each month. Fees paid after the tenth will incur a late charge of $15.00, unless written explanation has been given to the director prior to the tenth of the month.
  3. Summer fees are due each week. Full time rate $160 and part time (3 days or less) rate of $125. You are expected to pay in advance of the week of attendance.
    **School year bills must be cleared before summer attendance can be allowed.
  4. NSF checks will result in a $45.00 charge.
    **After two NSF check payments during one school year, the account must be paid by money order.
  5. If an account becomes delinquent, KCK will require advance payment before children can attend the program. If a family’s bill becomes consistently delinquent, it will be forwarded to collection or small claims court.
  6. During the school year, if children are picked up after 6:00 PM, an additional $1.00 for every minute late thereafter will be added. During the summer, the late fee schedule applies to the 5:30 closing time.
  7. Each child registered in KCK will be charged a $110.00 minimum charge each month. If hours total more than the minimum charge, only the hour fees will be charged.
  8. If an account is turned to collections the collection bureau commission is the responsibility of the family before re-registering for the program.

**There will also be a $2.00 minimum when children attend. This will only affect the afternoon billings. Mornings will not be subject to the charge. This is not over and above the hourly charge, but merely an attempt to curb students who come to Kid’s Club for as little as 5 minutes.

The $2.00 will only be posted if the time spent at Kid’s Club is less than a $2.00 charge.


Parents who wish to withdraw their child from KCK must give two weeks’ notice. The site coordinator will send a letter acknowledging the withdrawal. Children withdrawn from the program will lose the rights to KCK programs and should they need KCK services again they will be put on the waiting list with all new enrollees. The monthly fee will not be refunded if the withdrawal comes before the end of the month.


  1. A signed discipline action policy must be on file for each child.
  2. This policy is as follows and will be followed for each child in the event of disciplinary action.
    • Time out is used when disruptive behavior occurs. Staff will use positive guidance, redirection of energies and limit setting, in working with discipline problems. In the case of minor incidents, the child will be removed from the situation for however long the staff person deems necessary.
    • If a more serious incident occurs, it will result in a time out, incident report documentation, a call to the Director, and parents will be contacted.
    • If a serious problem is reoccurring it will be handled as above, a call will be made to the parents. Dismissal from the program for three days will be considered.
    • If the problem continues when the child returns after the suspension, dismissal from the program will occur.
    • Anytime a child becomes abusive to staff or other children, immediate dismissal from the program may occur.

**IF a child is engaged in a behavior that is potentially dangerous to him/herself or another child and that child does not immediately stop upon request from staff, the parents will be called and will be expected to pick up their child without delay.
**Some circumstances may require conferences and special plans.
** If a child is witnessed by staff purposely destroying toys or property of KCK or the school the parents will be responsible for repair or replacement of property.


  1. If there is no school due to snow or other emergency, Kid’s Club Kids will also be closed.
  2. If school is dismissed early, for any reason, Kid’s Club Kids will be closed.
  3. If school starts late, Kid’s Club Kids will be open from 7:30 AM until school begins.
  4. Each Fall, parents will receive a list of the days KCK will be closed as well as the days KCK will be open for extended days.
  5. On days of school in-service, KCK will be open at one site, to be announced prior to the date.



  1. A snack will be provided each day to all children. Two options will be provided each day. KCK staff will not monitor children’s snack choice.
  2. Children will be required to bring their own sack lunch with them on days that Kid’s Club Kids will be open all day for no school days. It is encouraged that the children bring a balanced meal and a non-sugared drink.
  3. Food Allergies should be brought to the attention of the staff and noted on enrollment forms.
  4. Summer attendees may need to bring a sack lunch at times.
  5. When meals are required, children must bring a nutritionally balanced meal to meet SD CCS minimum licensing guidelines. When a lunch that does not contain food from all food groups is brought parents will be called to bring additional food or supplements will be provided and family accounts charged accordingly.


Food allergies are becoming more common among infants and young children. Allergic reactions can range from mild skin rashes to severe, life-threatening reactions with breathing difficulties. It is important to reduce the likelihood that these reactions will take place while the child is at child care.

  1. Individual child’s food allergies will be posted prominently in classroom and/or wherever food is prepared (care will be given to confidentiality issues).
  2. Each child with a food allergy will have an allergy plan on file.
  3. Medications will be stored in a specific area at each site and a medication release form will be on file.
  4. Individual child medical plan and medication will be taken on field trips, including playground or walks.
  5. Should there be a significant reaction, 911 will be called and then parents will be reached.
  6. Children’s allergies will be posted in food prep and snack storage areas.
  7. Kids Club Kids is a PEANUT FREE establishment. Snacks prepared in a factory with peanuts are also not allowed.


It is important to keep the children at KCK healthy. If a child shows evidence if a childhood disease (mumps, chicken pox, pink eye, measles, impetigo), upset stomach, diarrhea, a temperature over 100 F, the child will not be allowed to remain at KCK.

  1. Children who are ill or have had a fever within the last 24 hours should not be brought to Kids Club.
  2. When a child becomes ill at Kid’s Club Kids, parents will be notified and expected to make arrangements to pick up the child immediately. If parents are not available, those individuals listed as emergency contacts will be notified to pick up the child. The child will be isolated from the other children. One staff will be responsible to stay with the ill child until the child is picked up. This staff should document in the “blue book” the time parent was called and the time child was picked up and symptoms of concern.
  3. In the case of an emergency, as determined by program staff, the paramedics will be called first and the parents will be immediately notified. Parents will be responsible for any and all costs incurred in such emergencies.
  4. Physician prescribed medication, in the original prescription container, will be administered at Kid’s Club Kids. The container must be labeled by a pharmacist to include: the child’s name, date, dosage, doctor, name of the medication, and method of administration. OTC medications will be administered on parents’ request as needed. A special consent form for the administration of medication must be filled out by the parent and kept of file at Kid’s Club Kids.
  5. In the case of a minor accident, an accident form will be completed by the staff and sent home with the child.
  6. Parents are responsible for any and all medical costs incurred by their children in the case of an accident. Kid’s Club Kids and the Spearfish School District are not responsible for any medical payments.
  7. It is the responsibility of parent to notify KCK if their child has contracted a communicable disease. It is the responsibility of the KCK director to contact the SD Department of Health with that information within 24 hours of notification, providing offices are open.


Evacuation diagrams are posted. In case of an emergency, an alternate site will house children until parents can pick them up. Alternative sites are:

Creekside KCK: Spearfish Rec Center
West KCK: BHSU Student Union
Mountain View: Grace Balloch Library


  1. Children are discouraged from bringing toys/games from home. If items are brought from home, the staff cannot be responsible for their safe return.
  2. Please clearly label everything your child brings to Kid’s Club Kids, including coats, hats, backpacks, lunches, etc.
  3. Should Kid’s Club Kids plan a local field trip, a notice will be posted by the check in for parents and a signed permission slip must be on file allowing your child to participate.
  4. Parent information will be posted on the table or doors. It is the parent’s responsibility to check these areas for information.
  5. Information will be emailed to the addresses given on the registration forms. It is important that the email is checked often.


The KCK program is located in the elementary school. The program is not required to have shot records on file as they are on file with the district at enrollment time.


In preparation for the event of an emergency at the site or in our community, KCK has a written plan that will be reviewed by all staff on a semester basis. This emergency plan has been developed to assist Kids Club Kids in protecting the health and safety of the children in its care should a disaster or emergency, be it natural or deliberate, affect the facility, operation or its community. The safety of the children and staff is the primary goal of Kids Club Kids.

  1. All staff on duty are responsible for implementing the disaster and emergency plan and ensuring the safety of the children. It is the responsibility of all staff to understand their roles and responsibilities and the location of the supplies in the event of an emergency.
  2. Children’s daily attendance records are kept in the attendance binder. The children’s attendance records are updated as they arrive and leave throughout the day. Children’s Emergency Contact Information is kept in the to go binder. In a widespread disaster, we need to be prepared to care for the children in the facility until assistance arrives. Emergency supplies are stored
  3. Evacuate the facility to go to another location nearby or far away to remain safe. Evacuation maps are posted. The map outlines where the staff and children will go in the event of an evacuation emergency. Fire and smoke will be announced by the alarm system, isolation of fire and smoke would include confinement by closing doors to the fire area. An emergency phone call will be made to appropriate emergency personnel.
    • West off site location: BHSU Student Union
    • Mountain View off site location: Grace Balloch Library
    • Creekside off site location: Spearfish Community Rec Center
    • OUT OF AREA LOCATION: Belle Fourche Community Rec Center (By Dakota Bus)
  4. All staff and children will participate in fire and disaster drills at the facility. Fire drills will be conducted quarterly and disaster drills every six months. All drills must be documented. In addition to these drills, fire alarm and extinguisher training will be completed.


For the purposes of this policy, Kids Club Kids defines a hazardous substance as any chemical, substance or material that can cause potential harm, injury or illness to persons or damage to the service’s environment.

  1. KCK will endeavor to use environmentally friendly and non-toxic products for cleaning without jeopardizing hygiene.
  2. Ensure that there are emergency procedures and practices for accidental spills, contamination and corresponding first aid plans for all hazardous substances handled and stored in the service based upon Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) information where relevant.
  3. Ensure appropriate labeling of any product that produces a toxin in either solid, liquid, gas or fume state or has corrosive properties, causes skin or respiratory problems, is carcinogenic, is flammable or has combustible properties; or, is caustic.
  4. Use MSDS provided to guide handling, storage and labeling of specific hazardous substances in a safe manner.
  5. Ensure that all hazardous substances are securely stored in an appropriately labeled locked cupboard, on a high shelf within an appropriately labeled secure area or in an appropriate storage area out of the reach of children.
  6. Ensure that any container into which a hazardous substance is decanted is in good condition with labeling clearly identifying the content and not displaying any symbol representing any other product which may cause confusion.
  7. Ensure all staff, volunteers and students on placement are inducted in the Centre’s Hazardous Substances Policy, procedures and practices.


At Kids Club Kids the following standard precautions will be used any time contact with, or the possibility of contact with, blood and body fluids:

  1. Use protective barriers to prevent exposure to blood, body fluids containing visible blood, and other fluids to which universal precautions apply. The type of protective barrier should be appropriate for the procedure being performed and the type of exposure anticipated.
  2. Immediately and thoroughly wash hands and other skin surfaces that are contaminated with blood, body fluids containing visible blood, or other body fluids to which universal precautions apply.
  3. Use sterile gloves when hand contamination with blood may occur. Use Vinyl or latex examination gloves for procedures involving contact with mucous membranes.
  4. Change gloves between contacts with children. Do not reuse surgical or examination gloves.
  5. Use general-purpose utility gloves (e.g. rubber household gloves) for housekeeping chores involving potential contact with blood and for instrument cleaning and decontamination procedures.
  6. Waste management: To clean spills of vomit, urine, feces, use a commercially available cleaner (detergent, disinfectant-detergent, or chemical germicide cleaner) that will not spoil the surface being cleaned. Remove nasal secretions with tissues and throw them in the ordinary trash. For spills involving blood or other body fluids, remove all visible soil, and then disinfect the surface with freshly prepared diluted bleach. A 1:64 dilution is ¼ cup of bleach diluted in one gallon of water. Use disposable towels or tissues, and rinse mops in the disinfectant solution.

Revised 5/2021