Kids Club Kids | Spearfish, South Dakota

Kids Club is a Impressive Program

Kids Club is a impressive program that allows school age children supervised care after the regular school day ends. I have the opportunity to observe the activities provided for these students. The staff members plan interesting and educational activities that engage students. The summer program is filled with field trips and other community based outings that children look forward to. This program is definitely an asset to our community and schools.

Susan Deichert

Billie Jo and STAFF

Thank you for giving Noah the best summer ever!
See you this fall!

Virginia M

Kids Club Kids – What an exceptional program!!

Thank you to Billie Jo and the staff of Kids Club Kids,

This summer is the first year I have had the opportunity to place my kids in this program. Though I was very nervous about the cost of the program and did not enjoy writing that check each week and being broke for two months, I know the money was going toward the safety, enrichment, and development of my children.

After seeing the staff in action, especially at water events, I had great peace of mind that my children were safe and well cared for. Billie Jo, you run a top notch program and should be commended for your years of service to the children of this community. I have had the pleasure of knowing some of the staff outside of the program, and I know these to be very responsible young adults that you have helped grow into both better educators and parents.

Thank you again for giving my kids a great summer full of adventure, education, and development. I now know their swimming skills have improved two-fold. If I had put them in day care, they would not have been able to advance in this area, one would not have been able to go to Title, neither would have had the opportunity to work on their social skills, and they would have missed out on the great field trips, bowling outings, library time, and swim lessons. Because of this program and the amount of pool time you have provided, you may have preventatively saved one of my children’s life.

There are a number of events that may have changed their lives for the better or set them toward a career path they had never thought of. One event in particular was the Talent show. To provide the kids an opportunity to showcase their talents is awesome. I had no idea my kid could sing like that!

I applaud Kids Club Kids and I want you to know I am deeply grateful for this program in our community. May you always have a place in our schools, as you will always have a place in my heart. Thanks again for the great summer!

Chanell Walby, Mom of Cassidy and Barret